Elder Law

Caring for our aging family members, such as a spouse or parent, can be a labor of love. It is a task that we often gladly accept out of love, devotion, and duty to those who have cared for us over the years, but a responsibility that is also daunting, physically tiresome, and emotionally draining. Oftentimes those in positions of such responsibility are overwhelmed and are in need of help, but find it difficult to request assistance from others. These times are frequently made more problematic due to common effects of aging, such as loss of memory and physical ability and function. Sometimes these effects dictate that you protect your loved ones from others or even themselves, requiring Court ordered Guardianships and Conservatorships.

At Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we understand that caring for your elderly loved ones will be a difficult time for you. Our goal is to assist you in areas as needed, cut through the red tape, properly and expertly counsel you on your legal requirements, and to reduce your stress. Our initial meeting is designed to allow for you to ask questions and to get to know us before you make the decision to hire.