Estate Litigation

The goal of estate planning and testamentary documents is to develop a mechanism for what should happen to an estate after the passing of the subject and to do so in a way that avoids conflict or uncertainty during probate. Even the most developed estate plans can be vulnerable to legal issues. When a beneficiary is concerned that an estate has been compromised, he or she has the right to take legal action. When an Executor or Administrator faces legal action regarding their position, it is important to have a law firm to defend them. Many of these issues require court intervention and our firm is ready. Herbert Machnik Law Firm recognizes the significance of these legal matters to our clients. We provide the legal services clients need and the personal attention they deserve. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced estate litigation attorneys, please contact Ben or Jason.

Michigan estate litigation services

Whether you are in Kalamazoo or the surrounding West Michigan region, our firm is ready to serve. With decades of experience practicing estate law, Herbert Machnik Law Firm provides effective litigation services for clients facing a range of estate issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Accounting disputes
  • Kinship proceedings
  • Contesting wills and trusts
  • Surviving spouse‚Äôs right of election
  • Disputes regarding the interpretation of a will
  • Fiduciary litigation and removal proceedings

Contesting wills and trusts

One of the most common causes of litigation is the challenge of a will or trust. For many, these testamentary documents are the keystone of an estate. Uncertainty regarding the validity of these documents can drive a beneficiary to take legal action. Whether they need to preserve the integrity of the estate or protect their interests in an estate, challenging a will or trust is a legal issue that deserves the attention of a seasoned estate law attorney. Some reasons to challenge a will include, but are not limited to:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Invalid execution
  • Fraudulence or forgery

If you are an interested party to an estate and believe that you are not getting your fair share or believe that the integrity of the estate is jeopardized, our firm is ready to step in and fight for you. If you are the Executor or Administrator of the estate and face litigation because of a dispute regarding your fiduciary obligations or assignment, we are ready to help you now.